Ni trends: Factories leave finished cattle prices unchanged, lamb trade steadies
Kieran Mailey
There is no movement on beef prices in Northern Ireland this week, with a steady outlook in the sheep trade also.
5 October 2022 Management
Grazing conditions, loading safety and slurry deadlines
This week's Beef Management takes a look at the upcoming slurry and FYM spreading
28 September 2022 Markets
NI Trends: prime heifers commanding higher prices; demand for lamb improving
Processors in Northern Ireland have left beef prices unchanged, but heifers are an easier sell than steers. Demand for lambs is gaining momentum.
NI Trends: tight supplies underpin cattle prices; fat lamb trade steadies
There is no change to prime cattle prices in Northern Ireland, with factory lambs also holding firm.
21 September 2022 Markets
Mixture of converted and purpose-built accommodation for large organic farm
Ahead of the 2022 Teagasc organic beef open day, Martin Merrick visited host John Purcell to view the accommodation used to house the 650 steers carried through the winter.
21 September 2022 Buildings
Imports of Irish cattle at a two-year high
Irish cattle imported for direct slaughter at meat plants in Northern Ireland hit a two-year high point last week.
14 September 2022 Northern Ireland
NI Trends: price deals on offer for prime heifers; lamb price recovers
The beef trade in Northern Ireland is relatively steady, but there is scope to bargain for higher prices on heifers. Lamb prices have increased by 10p/kg after several weeks of pressure.
7 September 2022 Markets
Northern View: prices edge up as factories chase supplies
A number of factories have increased base quotes for beef, while lamb prices in the marts are also up.
17 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Northern View: tight cattle numbers keeps trade steady
Prices paid for prime cattle in NI are largely unchanged from the previous week.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Castration, Mastitis and THRIVE open day
This week's Beef Management takes a look at castration, mastitis and an upcoming THIRVE open day in Tipperary.
27 July 2022 Management
NI Trends: processors keeping a lid on cattle trade; big cuts to lamb prices
The beef trade in Northern Ireland is relatively steady, although processors are managing to control prices. Lambs have come under major pressure with big cuts.
20 July 2022 Markets
Bullocks 14kg heavier grazing higher grass covers
Teagasc research looking at pre-grazing yields for beef systems found that stock entering 2,000kg DM/ha were 14kg heavier compared with those that entered 1,500kg DM/ha over the grazing season.
20 July 2022 Management