Feeding ewes in Co Leitrim

Rebecca Rooney from Gortinar, Co Leitrim, feeding ewes on rented ground near Rossinver, Co Leitrim.. \ Philip Doyle

Rebecca is studying a Level 8 in ag science in Dundalk IT. Like many students, she had to attend college remotely. This has allowed her to get practical experience on the home farm. \ Philip Doyle

Antrim farming

Adam Turtle with his bucket-reared calves on his farm outside Ballymena. \ Houston Green

\ Houston Green

Adam Turtle with his dairy-bred steers at grass on his farm outside Ballymena, Co Antrim. \ Houston Green

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Field work in Galway

Local farmer Shane Burns drawing fresh silage bales for collection at his family farm in Eyrecourt, Co Galway. / David Ruffles

\ David Ruffles

Spraying rye in Co Tipperary

Ger O'Meara spraying a crop of dry rye in Cahir, Co Tipperary. / Claire Nash

/ Claire Nash

Ger O'Meara spraying a second growth regulator along with Phylgreen, a biostimulant made from Irish seaweed, to his winter rye crop in Co Tipperary. Ger will keep some of the grain from this crop to feed cattle on the farm. \ Claire Nash

/ Claire Nash

Devastating fire in Killarney

The aftermath of the devastating fire in Killarney National Park. A hind Sika deer with her family standing near the entrance of Glaishin na Marbh and the Eagles Nest, along the Long Range River. \ Valerie O'Sullivan

Sowing seeds

Seamus Doyle sowing P8201 maize seed at a rate of 45,000 seeds to the acre at Grennanstown, Co Tipperary. The SAMCO three-in-one machine sows the seed, sprays the soil with pre-emergence herbicide and lays a thin layer of degradable film over the seed bed. \ Odhran Ducie

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