Originally a beef and tillage farm, we invested in additional roadways, land drainage, drinkers and handling facilities to make the farm an efficient and safe place to work. Costs on investment in infrastructure have been split 60:40 with the landowner, with Tullamore Farm investing 60% of capital and farm owners Padraig and Joan Grogan investing 40%.

Our investment in grazing infrastructure has allowed us to increase our stocking rate to 90 cows plus followers and a 270-ewe flock.

Although there was winter accommodation already present on the farm, this increased stocking rate was putting pressure on facilities in spring and slurry storage.

The decision was therefore made to increase winter accommodation through the building of a new slatted and straw-bedded shed on Tullamore Farm.

Work on the shed begun in the late 2021 and has recently been completed. The shed is an A-frame structure, with the four bays open on either side. There is a four-bay tank with a creep to the rear for the housing of freshly calved cows.

Prior to this, farm manager Shaun had to adapt a feeding passage in to a temporary creep area. To the rear of the creep will be an additional four dry bedded pens.

These will be fitted with calving gates to work as a calving area, but height-adjustable barriers mean that this area can also be used to house freshly lambed ewes if weather conditions do not allow for turnout. Tullamore Farm availed of TAMS aid in building the shed.

On the day we will be giving a full run through of the design of the shed, our reasoning behind the building of it and a full breakdown in costs.