Six months ago, I was joined by the boss of the National Dairy Council (NDC) Zoe Kavanagh as she pleaded with the dairy industry for more funding.

This week, I asked Zoe had she any success.

As chief executive officer, Zoe is responsible for directing the operations of the council to support dairy farmers and messaging around dairy.

In the past, more of the messaging was around the nutritional aspect of dairy products, but, more and more, the message now is around explaining to non-farmers how milk is made on farm and the other more social and environmental aspects associated with dairy farming.

She is firmly of the opinion that there is more balance now in the debate at national level, but the trust levels in farmers still needs to be improved.

NDC research shows, unsurprisingly, public trust levels have dis-improved, given the negative narrative in national and global media.

Watch or listen to the full interview below.