The deadline for spreading slurry comes into effect at the end of the week, so make the most of the final few days for emptying storage tanks.

In the Republic of Ireland, the last opportunity to spread slurry is on Thursday 14 October, with the closed period for slurry spreading getting under way from midnight that evening.

In Northern Ireland, farmers have an additional 24 hours to spread slurry, as the closed period begins from midnight of Friday 15 October.

Weather forecasts for the remainder of the week look relatively settled, which will hopefully provide a suitable window for slurry spreading.


When working with slurry, always keep safety in mind. Stay out of cattle sheds when mixing. Remove livestock from sheds when slurry pumps are engaged.

Never leave mixing points uncovered, especially when leaving the yard to empty a tanker.

Keep children and farm pets well away from openings on storage tanks, mixing pumps and tankers.


When spreading slurry in the field, make sure to follow all cross compliance guidelines, such as application rates and maintaining distances from water sources.

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