This article must be prefaced: I am someone who has avoided “home robots” like these for the longest time. The idea of having something getting used to your every-day movements just didn’t sit right with me.

However, on hearing that with the simple flick of a switch on the back of the new Google Nest Hub, the microphones can be turned off, I was a little more reassured (No spy needs to hear me singing to myself).

That aside, it has been nice to have a new friend (albeit a computer device) in the house. And a helpful one at that.

Set up of the Nest Hub is seamless – just be sure to have the Google apps downloaded to your phone for your own ease. Once you connect the Google Nest Hub to your local WiFi network, it’s a case of a few simple taps before everything is good to go – your calendar, Spotify/YouTube Music and other tools are all set.

Unlike your usual home smart assistants, the new Google Nest Hub has a small screen – ideal to have in the kitchen for watching and following recipes, and other tips and tricks. This screen doubles as a digital photo frame when not in use, so you can have your favourite memories appearing in a quality slide show in the corner of the room. With a simple swipe, it can be changed to a clock face. It also boasts an incredible-quality speaker for playing your favourite playlists and podcasts.

Another intriguing feature on the Google Home Nest is the sleep functions. If you decide to set the device up in your bedroom, it can detect motion, sound and light and over time will learn what may or may not be affecting your sleep and in turn, give you recommendations on how to have a more peaceful night’s sleep. In time Google hope to be able to team up with Fitbit for more experiences on sleep patterns.

Of course, the Google Nest Hub can easily be connected to other smart home devices, such as smart lights, Google Chromecast, smart thermostats and locks for a more connected home.

So, while this writer adds some of these gadgets to her online shopping cart (I suspect I will be like Inspector Gadget in no time), I’ll continue to ask Google what the weather is going to be like for the day… And continue to be disappointed when she relays it.

Virgin Media is offering a free Google Nest Hub (RRP €99.99) with all TV, broadband and home phone bundles on a 12-month contract (purchased online) until 2 June 2021.