Tuam Mart held its annual cattle show and sale on Monday 27 September, with over 500 cattle forward for sale.

Trade was extremely positive across the board from cows through to bullocks, heifers and weanlings.

The clearance rate was excellent at over 92%.


There was an excellent entry of suckler cows, with a top price of €2.97/kg paid for a 2015-born Belgian Blue cow weighing 875kg (€2,600).

Cow prices throughout the sale were strong, with multiple lots surpassing €2.20/kg.

Other standout prices included a 1,080kg seven-year-old Belgian Blue cow that sold for €2,520 (€2.33/kg) and a 935kg Charolais cow making €2,170 (€2.32/kg).

Speaking to Tuam Mart manager Marion Devane, she commented on the overall quality of cattle in the yard.

These two Charolais heifers were second in the heifer pairs.

“The quality of stock offered for sale is a credit to the farmers in this area who continue to produce some of the best suckler stock in the country.

"Thankfully, farmers are being rewarded for this quality at the moment with strong prices on offer almost across the board.”


The first-prizewinning heifer was a 595kg Limousin heifer, born in July 2019 which made €2,460 (€4.13/kg), while second prize went to a 740kg Limousin heifer selling for €2,070 (€2.80/kg).

In the heifer pair's category, first prize went to a Charolais and Limousin combo, born spring-2020, weighing 612kg and selling for €1,780 (€2.91/kg).


Bullock trade was also on fire, with €2.60/kg to €2.80/kg freely available on multiple occasions for better-quality lots for bullocks weighing 450kg to 550kg, while €2.40/kg to €2.60/kg was being paid for heavier lots of the same quality.

Some top prices included €2.43/kg for a spring 2020-born Charolais weighing 720kg (€1,750) and a second-prizewinning continental bullock made €2.55/kg for a 685kg Charolais (€1,750).

This Limousin heifer weighing 740kg claimed second prize in best continental heifer class and sold for €2,070 (€2.80/kg).

There was a smaller number of weanlings forward for sale, with Marion commenting that many farmers are holding off weanlings for the Charolais evening weanling sale on 4 October and the Limousin evening weanling sale on 11 October.

In saying this, there was a nice selection of quality lots forward, with prices in excess of €3/kg hit on a numerous occasions.