There were 24 more cattle drafted for slaughter on Newford Farm on Monday 18 October. This included the first draft of nine bullocks, which averaged 372kg carcase weight, and 15 heifers, which averaged just over 300kg carcase weight.

The bullocks graded U-3- on average and this included six U- grading animals and three R+ grading animals.

Analysis by Michael Fagan of Teagasc shows the bullocks had an average liveweight of 697kg, equating to a 53% kill-out.

The base price on the day was €4.20/kg and when the quality payment system in-spec bonus payment of 20c/kg and conformation bonuses are included, the average price per kilo was €4.50/kg and the average sale value was €1,675.


The 15 heifers recorded an average grade of R=3+ including one U- animal, five R+ grades, six R= grades and three R- grades.

The liveweight was 610kg and kill-out was 54%. The average base price was €4.25/kg, while the average price per kilo was €4.48/kg and the average value was €1,344.

The 29 remaining bullocks were housed on 20 October. These bullocks were previously not being offered concentrates at grass and have been transferred on to a diet of high feed-value silage and 4kg concentrates.

This will be built up to 5kg to 6kg and the aim is to draft these bullocks by the end of December.