A wheel dilemma: should you be on or off the road?
Margaret Hawkins
Some medical conditions can impact our ability to drive. What are they and what are the regulations around them? Margaret Hawkins reports
18 January 2023 Health
Think, talk and tell - why it’s so important
Not making decisions about the medical care you want at end of life can throw unwanted stress on family members. Margaret Hawkins talks to Dr Tony Holohan about why there’s comfort in planning ahead.
18 January 2023 Amii
The fifth and seventh days of 2023 brought both spiritual celebration and grief
Religious ceremonies were celebrated by Amii McKeever’s family as the new year began. These occasions coincided with a pope’s buried and a ceasefire to respect a religious day being ignored.
My partner wants to expand the farm: what do I need to consider?
Not really involved in the farm but your partner is talking about expansion … these are the things you need to be aware of, writes Jerry O’Neill.
18 January 2023 Features
ASA hosts online graduate assembly
An informative Agricultural Science Association event for graduates has provided financial and career advice to young people working in the industry, writes Sarah McIntosh.
17 January 2023 News
Healthbytes: from symptoms of childhood illnesses to getting better sleep
Want to know when you should seek medical help for your child? What symptoms could flag RSV or Strep A? Tips for getting better sleep? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more.
11 January 2023 Health
‘We’re just engaged, but my future mother-in-law is already interfering’
Dear Miriam, I want to have a small wedding but my future mother-in-law has other ideas
11 January 2023 Ask Miriam
Beauty: caring for the skin you are in
It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to skincare. Dolly Buckley shares her top tips for putting your best face forward for 2023.
11 January 2023 Features
Meet The Maker: Tony Hoynes of Palm Free Irish Soap
In this week's Meet The Maker, Maria Moynihan chats with Tony Hoynes of the award-winning Palm Free Irish Soap Ltd.
11 January 2023 Features
Confronting the clutter in the new year
Are you thinking of decluttering your home for the new year, but don’t know where to start? Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell speaks with professional organiser Vera Keohane about approaching tidying.
4 January 2023 Features
Remedying the banking relationship
Farmers overwhelmingly report that they don't feel valued by banks anymore, especially if their exposure is less than six figures. The Banking Culture Board aims to change this.
4 January 2023 Features
Health: look after you this Yuletide
Christmas can come with challenges on the health front but being prepared can keep your holiday as jolly as possible, writes Margaret Hawkins.
21 December 2022 Health