UK-US trade deal always a non-runner
Phelim O'Neill
Current US trade policy is protectionist, making a trade deal with the UK virtually impossible irrespective of Brexit or other political considerations.
14 September 2022 News
Less beef demand in China puts spotlight on EU and UK
China’s demand for beef imports is expected to reverse next year with a 19% drop forecast by USDA.
9 September 2022 News
Beef imports from Brazil up 14% in 2022
EU beef imports increase in first half of 2022.
Why Japan could work for Irish beef exports
Although far away geographically, Japan has the basic essentials to grow as a market for Irish beef exports.
7 September 2022 News
Australia pushing its ‘carbon neutral’ lamb in UK
The Irish Farmers Journal spoke to meat exporters from Australia on the UK trade deal and market, sustainable farming and their view of Irish lamb production.
7 September 2022 News
Irish pork ‘least expensive at the moment’ – Australian importer
The Irish Farmers Journal spoke with an Australian importer of Irish pork who described its price as “very competitive” compared with that from other countries.
5 September 2022 Pigs
Foot-and-mouth disease in Indonesia puts Australia on alert
Authorities in Indonesia have been dealing with an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease since May 2022.
17 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Rebound in UK lamb output and trade
Growth in UK sheepmeat output combines with increased import and export trade, reflecting a return to pre-pandemic normality and adaption to Brexit.
5 August 2022 News
UK must adopt ‘red lines’ on trade
A London-based think tank has recommended that the UK government put in place a set of core standards relating to trade.
3 August 2022 Northern Ireland
UK to ratify Australia deal without vote
British farmers feel short-changed by UK government not having a debate and vote in Parliament on free trade deal with Australia.
22 July 2022 News
UK runs down clock on Australia deal
The Australian trade deal has been ratified by the British Parliament without a formal debate taking place
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Surge in Brazilian beef exports in first half of 2022
Despite the surge in Brazilian beef supplies in the first half of the year, markets and beef price remains strong internationally.
20 July 2022 News