GPS units stolen from John Deere tractors in Carlow
Amy Forde
The units were taken between Thursday 19 May and Saturday 21 May.
27 April 2022 Farm machinery
Westmeath team’s yellow sludge machine
Spreading in excess of 8,000t of sludge annually, this year tillage farmer Paul Owens bought a used TerraGator 2104 self-propelled spreader over a trailed machine.
20 April 2022 News
Two tractor GPS units stolen from farms
The incidents took place on two separate farms in counties Meath and Westmeath.
GPS options for fertiliser spreaders: keeping on track on a budget
Given the rising fertiliser costs, many farmers are looking at GPS guidance as a way to improve accuracy and efficiency in the field. We outline some of the entry level options available on the market
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Tops tips for fertiliser spreader maintenance and setup
Peter Thomas Keaveney offers readers some tips for setting up and maintaining the fertiliser spreader for accurate application this spring.
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Spreading by satellite: how GPS-controlled fertiliser spreaders work
With GPS-controlled fertiliser spreaders covered under TAMS until the end of 2022, Francis Quigley, Teagasc machinery specialist, looks at how they work and the grant aid available.
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Success with Sulky in the south
Gary Abbott caught up father and son team Neil and Dermot Ryan to find out why Sulky has been the spreader brand of choice for the past 15 years
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Home-designed sprayer for applying liquid fertiliser
Peter Thomas Keaveney visited Tom Butler and contractor Eoghan Byrne in Tipperary to look at N-xt Fertiliser’s home designed sprayer for applying liquid fertiliser.
9 February 2022 Farm machinery
Horsch launches new digital connectivity system
Horsch has just launched HorschConnect a new digital system to make the exchange of data between machine and customer as efficient as possible.
9 February 2022 News
TAMS II and GPS fertiliser spreaders
Teagasc's machinery specialist Francis Quigley outlines some of the considerations regarding GPS guided fertiliser spreaders funded under TAMS II.
5 February 2022 Grass & feeding
Tackling fertiliser costs with a range of technologies
With nitrogen prices in particular likely to cost much more this year, it is interesting to see the various measures that one farmer is using to soften the blow.
26 January 2022 Husbandry
Teaching an old sprayer new tricks
Peter Thomas Keaveney travelled to Co Carlow to look at a 1991 trailed sprayer which was upgraded to the latest GPS, Isobus and section control technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
19 January 2022 Farm machinery